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A pop-up art space has opened in Floriana with a group show by four artists, curated by Nicholas Grixti of Kixxot.

Why this space?

(Julien Vinet) Green Shutters Bar is an iconic building in Floriana that is appreciated by the locals and full of character. Now closed for some years, the new space symbolises the need to new breathe life into all the empty places around us, changing with a view to redesign a troubled paradigm. It also brings us to those who are not accustomed to exposure to contemporary art and that may help us redraw the art world in Malta after the pandemic. Green Shutters Bar’s first show, Ruinenlust, is a site-specific art show that aims at starting a conversation. A conversation between our artworks and the walls of the space, and also a conversation between us the artists and the residents of Floriana.

Who are the artists exhibiting?

(Nicholas Grixti) An eclectic mix of printmakers and visual artists all of whom bring a fiery, sensual sensibility to their work. These sensibilities are what unify the artists in the exploration of the exhibition’s core concept: Madeleine Fenwick (@madeleine_fenwick), Arnaud Griggio ( ), Zvezdan Rejlic ( ), and Julien Vinet (

What is the concept behind the show?

(Nicholas Grixti) This exhibition is the first of its kind here in Malta and it will pop-up at Green Shutters Art Space, located in Floriana. The location, once a bar, provides us with the opportunity to at once reach out to the community as well as help restart art related events in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

A concept born of our international collaborations, Ruinenlust celebrates the space it calls home and reintroduces it again to the public with an eclectic mix of site-specific-work by the artists. The works are all intended to fit within the space itself, augmenting what is already there rather than as an exercise of imposition. The exhibition meditates on the many dilapidated spaces strewn across our island and proposes that even in ruin one may also find beauty.

What expectations and hopes do you have for the show and this art-space?

(Julien) This show is the first one of its kind to be done at Green Shutters Bar – a space provided by Lily Agius Gallery – but the idea is to welcome other shows, international artists and art residencies. Creating an art hub in a local vibrant neighbourhood to help develop the awareness of art is one of our many goals to achieve in this new adventure and this show should kick-start this movement.

Visit the gallery between 4 and 8pm Wednesday to Satuday when you can also meet the artists. Follow Green Shutters on Facebook and Instagram for updates or contact Lily Agius Gallery on

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