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Xewka F’Qalbi Xewka F’Sormi

A collective exhibition celebrating 10 years of the Women’s Rights Foundation - until 28 November.

Xewka F’Qalbi Xewka F’Sormi is a collective exhibition celebrating 10 years of the Women’s Rights Foundation. Curated by Rachelle Deguara and developed conceptually with Emma Agius, the exhibition features twelve different artists exploring the subject of rape culture, a culture which normalises or trivialises sexual assault or/and abuse. 

Xewka F’Qalbi Xewka F’Sormi is a collective exhibition by Emma Agius, Isaac Bezzina, Silke Debanant, Nicole Sciberras Debono, Nik Ebejer, Saaqia, Claire Farrugia, Shanice Farrugia, Robin Cassar Fiott, Sam Vassallo Francesca Zammit and X. 

It is taking place at Rosa Kwir, a gallery space focusing on an archive revolving around alternative notions of masculinity, the exhibition is accompanied by panel discussions, artist talks, and performative events with performance art acts and music. 

When approached by artist/curator Rachelle Deguara, the artist had several discussions on ‘rape culture’ in Malta, and through various artistic mediums, conceptually the artists created and/or adapted work incited from the conversations. Addressing the topic of rape culture is undoubtedly a challenging task, both in terms of understanding and visual representation. Rape exposes the enduring inequality present in our society, as well as in others. It is an act rooted in power and control, disproportionately affecting women and girls. The survivors of rape carry deep wounds and trauma, often hidden due to the shame associated with the experience.

The name, Xewka f’Qalbi Xewka f’Sormi, originated from the weekly discussions that Emma and Rachelle Deguara have had since April. During these conversations, they explored her sketches and contemplated the similarities between their intricate details and thorns. It was during one of these discussions that Emma mentioned the sexual abuse happening on the day of the Lady of Sorrows. During the later meetings, Rachelle and Emma then delved deeper into the aftermath of the abuse and Emma’s desired state of mind. They together explored how art can be a means of healing and how this healing process may manifest in the work you’ll be beholding tonight. The discussions shifted from the aftermath of personal trauma to a broader societal perspective, where they envision a world where such pain no longer holds power over them and becomes a mere inconvenience, akin to a thorn on one’s side.

The exhibition aims to challenge societal attitudes and encourages conversation about rape culture locally, in the light of the work done by the Women’s Rights Foundation for the cause, while encouraging discussions about consent and the need for education and prevention. Xewka F’Qalbi Xewka F’Sormi is a space where diversity of experience gets explored with compassion.

^ Trigger Warning: the exhibition content may be disturbing.

Opening hours: 

Friday 24th November 17:00 – 21:00

Saturday 25th November 09:00 – 13:00 and 17:00 – 21:00 

Sunday 26th November 17:00 – 21:00 – “Performative event + open mic” in collab with Inizjamed and GħMU

Tuesday 28th November 17:00 Onwards – Not If, But When. Event –

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