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Issue 16

June 2021

We are finally blessed with a variety of thought-provoking exhibitions and events in Malta, mostly by those who seek individuality and repel conformity. 

Joanna Delia reviews the solo shows of both Romeo Roxman Gatt and Matthew Attard – both Maltese artists who are making waves internationally. In their shows, they offer a new perspective on the world, re-imaging concepts of oneself, events, and of objects around us. (Page 27) 

Romeo Roxman Gatt has also unveiled a new project called Rosa Kwir – an experimental virtual and physical archive, bringing together stories of trans men, non-binary and LBQI masculine presenting people. (Page 7)

Lisa Gwen interviews an emerging Maltese artist called CO-MA, who’s debut show recently opened. CO-MA presents 11 figurative charcoal drawings created over the last two years with commendable speed and attention to detail. (Page 17)

Those who have followed Francesca Balzan on social media over the last year have been patiently waiting to see her latest collection of sculptures in the flesh. The artist researched early 20th century passport applications at the National Archives of Malta of those who lived in or around the Ta’ Liesse area and sculpted them as she imagined them, in conversation. (Page 12)

The destruction of iconic buildings in Malta is an ongoing sad story, however a project by architect and designer Anna Horvath aims to not only remind us of the loss of such heritage, but she has also found a simple solution with site specific designs by turning construction waste into interactive outdoor furniture for Maltese public places. (Page 22)

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