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Issue 22

March 2023

The 8th of March is a day reserved for remembering the fact that half the world’s population suffers discrimination and is cursed with invisibility in most of the world. Read about the upcoming exhibition curated by Maren Richter – When the moon waxes Red, at Spazju Kreattiv. Spazju also hosted a show commemorating the epic life of Katya, Malta’s first openly trans woman – curated by the duo Romeo Roxman Gatt and Charlie Cauchi – art activism is thriving on the island, as is also seen in the poignant works by Clint Calleja – breaking through the heavy subject of mental health. 

There are so many events, and games in the artists playground it might seem that we hit the right formula but alas, the private sector is missing. Patronage is lacking. Philanthropists are happy to support health-related charities but don’t seem to understand that society suffers without culture – and the artists cannot engage, enlighten and entertain without the support of organizations who are hoping to profit from this same society. 

The Academy of Givers is holding an Impact event in March where asides from discussing ways to collaborate and reach more persons, and help alleviate some of the social ills will hold a workshop highlighting the importance of patronage for art and culture. A thriving art scene is good for tourism, is a means of adult education, helps improve the visual and auditory vocabulary of the people helping them make better aesthetic choices and most importantly stimulates thought. It keeps the youth from leaving, prevents brain drain and inspires those who stay, enriching their lives. 

With so many platforms, art spaces and events around, it is harsh to see that thriving businesses refuse to be part of a possibly transforming sector. May the spring bring with it an awakening. And a spirit of collaboration united through a love for art. 

Joanna Delia | The Editor

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