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Issue 24

November 2023

Suddenly there seems to be a flurry of all sorts of art related events in Malta. There’s a resurgence of energy, a professing of ideas and an enactment of dreams. It is without a doubt a sensational thing to witness especially when we are seeing contemporary art at the forefront, with exhibitions, new art galleries and large-scale events on the horizon. It is only with consistent exposure to the arts that a healthy flow of ideas will come in its stead, and hopefully more talented artists will step forward to be part of it.

There are many anticipated events coming our way that I hope everyone gets to experience, such as the ambitious launching this Spring that will bring international and local artists together in dialogue, expressing themselves through the exhibitions and events dotted across the islands. Finally, diverse contemporary art expressions will be brought to the Maltese, and the Maltese artist Matthew Attard will be representing Malta at The Venice Biennale 2024 – another exciting and historic event!

The Malta International Contemporary Art Space (MICAS) recently offered more insight into their developments and mindset with a well-attended conference and an inauguration of their first exhibition within the MICAS grounds. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see this project progress further – I’m sure that we are all anxious for their doors to finally fling open. Malta will soon have a large art space to enjoy inspiring contemporary art. I just hope that the programme of events and the art displayed will be in tune with what the public needs and ultimately be a main contributor to the cultural landscape of the community.

Lily Agius

A last note here is to all artists by Prof. Richard England for the first issue of Artpaper published in 2017:

“Art is about skill, emotion, passion, dedication and resilience and also perhaps that magical touch of the inherited gene of creativity. True art remains the magic amulet to amplify humanity and raise one to ecstasy. Finally, bear in mind that when you will eventually fly, you will appear smaller to those who do not fly… so go ahead, fly, but remember to always remain an eternal student and never stop learning.”

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