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Issue 1

Issue 1

November 2017

Editor’s note: No doubt because Malta is a particularly small island, selling art here can be especially difficult – as is keeping up the enthusiasm to continue working as an artist when people are apparently not ready for you. This is why a lot of Maltese artists have packed up and left in the past, seeking a more suitable environment in which to nurture their talent. Now, however, pretty watercolour paintings of Maltese landscapes and still lifes are – finally – not the only acceptable genre.

It could be said that the arrival on the island of a large northern European gaming community has opened the market somewhat, while others will say that it is the introduction of budget airlines, making frequent travel possible and ‘arty’ pit-stops more feasible, that has brought us up to speed. There is no doubt that the internet, the art schools, European Union funding and the few galleries that there are in Malta have all helped the art scene grow over the years. However, there is also the fact that we have a more open-minded younger generation that is at an age – and with more confidence – to begin their own art collection, while artists of the same generation have moved in unison. Older and more experienced artists have gained international experience and are now all starting to feel that something is about to give – somehow, somewhere…

The art scene in Malta is starting to take shape – or at least is more receptive and free. We are delighted to have a pavilion at The Venice Biennale this year – after 18 years trying to make it happen again, and Malta will be an EU Capital of Culture in 2018, along with Leeuwarden (Netherlands) – something we trust Malta will live up to.

However, being the tiny island that it is, in the middle of the Mediterranean, means that Malta will always have its limitations. So, it is only natural that I had the idea of creating a publication to honour Maltese talent in Malta and abroad, and to document the efforts being made by its residents. Artpaper will also present international art-related news, reviews of exhibitions and other relevant art market information.

Artpaper has been created with everyone in mind – to essentially change the scary, three-letter word that ‘art’ is to some and bring it down to earth, where it belongs, and high up above the clouds on a golden pedestal for the art addicts! It can be anything and anywhere and mean something different to each one of us. This publication reflects the Artpaper team’s creative journey, and it will grow.

Written by artists, architects, students, art professionals and ambassadors, Artpaper is for those who appreciate – and others like us who thrive on – creativity and innovation. We are ambitious, but within reason. We believe in the power of art and design – that it comes from the soul and that it can change everything – and whether you believe this or not, are an art aficionado or not, we welcome you to Artpaper.

This first issue of Artpaper is dedicated to the late museum curator and university lecturer Dennis Vella, who dedicated his life to promoting modern and contemporary art, especially Maltese, and also gave me the inspiration and confidence to take up a career in the arts in Malta; and also, Daphne Caruana Galizia, the fearless Maltese journalist whose life was brutally cut short –  she was a great supporter of the arts and my work. 

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