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Gabriel Caruana


Gabriel Carauan. Photo by Raffaella Zammit

“Rector, Members of the Senate and Council, allow me first of all to render my thanks for the honour you have bestowed upon me to deliver this oration on the occasion of the University of Malta’s conferment of Master of Letters (Honoris Causa) on Gabriel Caruana; an appropriate and well-deserved honour for one who is truly an icon and institution of the art scene in Malta.

Since his early days, Caruana mantled a strong cultural overlay from his surrounding environment, a legacy which was to be paramount in the artistic development of his later years, as if to verify Longfellow’s words “That is best which liest nearest. Shape from that thy work of art.” He enthusiastically recalls taking part – at an early age – in preparations for the Annunziata festivities of his home village of Balzan: an extravaganza of fireworks, decorations and bustle in strong contrast to the everyday calm and dormant lifestyle of the village.

Ceramic Collection, TenKate

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