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Obituary: Ed Schembri

Malta bids farewell to a talented artist

The sudden news of Ed Schembri’s death last month brought deep sadness to the art community and all those who knew or met him. Described on social media by friends and family as a man “full of soul” with “a beautiful heart” and “a magnificent artist”, loved ones struggle to come to terms with his passing at the young age of 45. Schembri was a prolific painter with great talent, as well as a wife and three children.

Schembri, known for his vibrant and unique painting style, encouraged and supported artists he knew and donated many paintings to charity, including spearheading an auction in aid of Ethiopian children and the ALS Foundation. The ALS Malta website describes Schembri as “a lively character who is both interesting and passionate about his work; he has been painting for most of his life having studied in his earlier years at the Malta School of Art and Design. His formal training gave him experience with different mediums which were all part of the journey of developing his own style of which Ed found Expressionism to be what enticed and inspired him the most, alongside portraiture.” 

If nothing else can bring solace for this untimely departure by such a young man, we have included here a selection of Schembri’s paintings from his Facebook page – each conveying his eternal energy and talent. As said by fellow artist James Vella Clark – “Heaven is [now] more colourful.”

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