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Issue 8

Issue 8

October 2019

Editor’s Note: The main objective in creating this publication has always been to reveal the ‘creative’ Malta I cherish. I had no idea at the time of editing the first issue that we would discover so much happening on the islands and align with such an enthusiastic audience. There has since been a resurgence of contemporary exhibitions in Malta and Gozo, emerging new talent, and the local art audience is growing. Art funds are also in place to connect Malta with the world and expand on its talent and creative expertise. We can confidently say that the understanding of good quality art and design in Malta is improving – despite the ungracious property boom – and Artpaper will continue to feature what counts.

Inside this issue, our editor Margerita Pule interviews a reserved yet interesting local architect, artist and designer – Tom van Malderen – and finds out how he manoeuvres between the practice of all three disciplines; Giulia Privitelli meets with the curious Maltese artist John Paul Azzopardi before his upcoming solo exhibition; Dr Joanna Delia discusses the importance for artists to attend residency programmes for exposure and collaborations and speaks to local artists about their own experiences; whilst Gabrielle Spiller discusses the wonder of the architect Le Corbusier and his drawings in Zurich; Erica Giusta explores how Artificial Intelligence can be creative; architect Konrad Buhagiar reveals his first taste of eroticism with the painting Venus and Mars by Botticelli; Kenneth Zammit Tabona deplores the lack of beauty in contemporary art; Eleonora Salvi visits the colourful culture of Brazil; Architect and artist Richard England eulogises on one of his favourite 17th century art works ‘The Ecstasy of St Teresa’ by Gian Lorenzo Bernini; and we interview the British artist and activist Stuart Semple following his exhibition in London who wishes the artworld to ‘not be a rich man’s sport’.

We will be back with another issue of Artpaper in December; until then if you would like to get touch regarding editorial or advertising, contact us by email on, or call (+356) 99292488.  You can follow Artpaper via Instagram and Facebook.

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