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Issue 2

Issue 2

February 2018

Editor’s note: When an idea turns into a reality it is quite something. A strong vision and hard work has been vital to get this publication off the ground; however, it would not have been possible without the support of like-minded writers, readers and advertisers all of whom share our sensibilities – good art and design take the front seat!

Timing is also important, and with Malta in the spotlight as a European Cultural Capital this year, 2018 has been a good time to start. There is also so much happening around the globe as well that deserves our attention, some of which we have highlighted inside: meet an internationally established South Africa-based artist Richard Mudariki and emerging Polish Malta-based artist Wioletta Kulewska, who has her first solo exhibition at The Society of Arts; see what other exhibitions are on in Malta, art fairs you can visit around the globe, art auctions to tap into and who is making a difference in Malta to make the island better known for quality and creativity.

We are happy to learn about a new documentary entitled The Art of Malta that highlights the talent and torment of artists on the island, two more contemporary galleries opening in Valletta and a new book written by a woman who has fallen for the creative energy here… and to anyone in Paris for the Art Paris Art Fair this year, be sure to find the latest work of the Paris-based Maltese painter Ġoxwa on show.

We hope that this publication helps to inspire and direct creative traffic and dialogue on the island. For more information about contributing to Artpaper do please contact us on

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