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Issue 13

December 2020

This issue touches on a few thorny topics – chief of which being the sordid issue of sexual abuse and misconduct in the art world. As the holiday season approaches, and we each dwell on a year that has been difficult for many in varied ways, it may be easy to forget the ongoing social trials and tribulations that we are forced to contend with on a continuing basis – pandemic or not. Art can help us to do that. Art allows us to question our own positions, make public the injustices that still happen every day, and provide a platform for victims and the oppressed. This issue helps to promote the idea of art as a catalyst for social justice, and artists as its warriors.

Aside from this, this issue also looks at the work of Graeme Evelyn Mortimer – his use of contemporary art as a conversational tool in historic institutions. We look at Caravaggio and his role as a controversial and charismatic celebrity. We speak to Charlene Galea about the enduring role of clubbing in bringing people together in moments of heightened emotion. We also pay tribute to Ed Schembri – a talented artist whose life was cut short far too early, and who will be mourned by all those who knew him.

2020 has been a year of uncertainty, but we are proud to have been able to keep writing and making content around the art and artists whom we feel are vital to the fabric of our societies. As we head into a new year, we have full confidence that the world will begin to recuperate from the hardships of the pandemic. With that, we look forward to the vibrancy, passion and education that new art can bring into our communities. We look forward to bringing that art to our readers.

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