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From Storage to Sculpture

Malta-based artist and designer Tom Van Malderen applied curves and colour to brighten up a passageway.

For this customised furniture project, the designer playfully reflected the pragmatic requests for storage space, a small work surface, some shelving, and a child friendly environment. To liven up the passageway, the storage unit was purposely composed of alternating solid shapes and voids, applying both symmetry and asymmetry in its overall composition. Extending the clients’ wish to avoid sharp edges, the entire cabinet became a play between rounded and square shapes and arbitrarily alludes to earlier styles and designs of the ’60s and ‘80s. It is characterised by a vibrant yellow colour that creates a permanent sunny glow in the corridor and a joyful gesture in front of a child’s bedroom. To put it into the words of the designer himself – “with my sculptural furniture I try to turn a pragmatic situation into a delightful one”.

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