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From Commercial Spaces to Domestic Furniture: The Evolution of SAW

SAW's diversification offers designer collections for the home while strengthening its position as an industry leader in the B2B commercial furniture market.

Living & Dining – Designed by Tom Van Malderen

Innovation and flexibility are two core values of the Malta-based furniture manufacturing company, SAW, which opened its doors in 1991 to introduce locally-made bespoke furniture to the contract furniture industry. Designing furniture for some of the most iconic buildings in the hospitality industry, public spaces and corporate environments has gained SAW an excellent reputation for efficient production, quality artistry, technical know-how and adherence to timelines. 

Factory Images Photographed by Sean Mallia
Bedroom – Designed by A Collective
Kitchen – Designed by Valentino Architects

Among the notable brands that SAW has collaborated with are the Hilton, the Marriot, the Hyatt Regency, Starbucks and Beef Bar. By 2005, the team had expanded its operations globally to complete several international projects. Just over 30 years after its launch, the renowned furniture producer has entered the domestic space with its new sub-brand, DARI, bringing the same high level of quality to the domestic market. 

SAW has long been dedicated to sustainability, a principle that is reflected through its state-of-the-art factory in Malta designed by the renowned architect Chris Briffa and winning the 2021 Malta architecture and spatial planning award for commercial and public buildings. Natural light permeates the building, and solar panels generate energy to contribute to the efficient running of the factory. SAW’s new factory is highly-automated, using advanced machine technology to sort, cut and assemble panels according to product shopfloor design instructions developed by the in-house production office. This system reduces waste materials and creates high-quality, durable products designed to last a lifetime. All sourced raw materials are procured from manufacturers that operate in environmentally friendly and quality-controlled environments. 

The SAW factory floor consists of three primary production lines that process raw veneer, panels, and solid wood and a dedicated finishing station. The human element remains intrinsic to the company’s work, providing exceptional attention to detail throughout the production process, while the technology used in-house allows for greater efficiency in maintaining short project timelines and low carbon footprints. 

Honing the experience in furniture production and the supplier networks that SAW has built over the years, the company has recently introduced a new, fresh concept to the market through DARI, which means ‘My Home’ in Maltese. The DARI collection is designed to complement today’s needs and realities, incorporating principles of design and functionality that cater to the ever-changing spatial requirements and desires of modern-day living while considering how the customer interacts with the same space. 

Led by the talented Artistic Director Jennifer Apap Brown, SAW, through DARI, has collaborated with local architects to produce exclusive designer collections to include in the brand’s offering. Each designer developed a unique series of furniture items based on the customer’s needs – including the ‘dell’ kitchen by Valentino Architects, the ‘Salini’ bedroom by A Collective and the ‘DRITT’ collection for living and dining spaces by Tom Van Malderen. 

Sleek and practical designs are accentuated through a play on depth and shadows in the dell kitchen model. dell was inspired by the ‘chiaroscuro’ concept, using the natural shadows and joinery of the panels to add character to the kitchen without the need for excessive decoration. In the Salini bedroom, inspiration lies in nature. The Salini Saltpans are an archetype of the rhythm and serenity inherent to Malta’s natural landscapes, providing the inspiration for this bedroom to become a space that encourages pure relaxation and flow in the way we live. Finally, Tom Van Malderen introduces a selection of tables and a shelving system that are modular and functional in nature. Tom combines aspects of simplicity and complexity in his designs, resulting in furniture that takes a creative approach to the rigid lines that can be produced within the DARI factory. 

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