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My body (is)( not) your business card!

Who makes things matter? Who has the power?

“Does it really matter if you sing, dance or draw well, look good or pose well. Does it matter to the museum, or on the Instagram post, and does it matter to the audience? 

Who makes things matter? Who has the power? 

My body (is)( not) your business card!” 

Photo by Etienne Farrell

In 2022 in one of my artworks I have ranted, ‘Less art awards, more art spaces’. Coming back from my Budapest movement training in April, I will be hosting a residency program invitation in Muza, between 14th April and 14th May. 

Charlene Galea. Photo by Etienne Farrell

It is my responsibility this year to open spaces offered to me and share as a collective playground for experimentation and radical thinking on body politics topics and activism to give power to stories one may be ashamed or fearful to discuss but that needs to be heard. The direction for this residency, is to create a sisterhood community project around the topic ‘My Body (is) (not) your business card’. In this period I will be using my practice as a performance artist to bring care, slow art through the possibility of chance and trust in the community. 

Photo by Etienne Farrell

Even though I am the creator of this project, the outcome is about ‘us’ – all those who will participate. The space will be changed into a living room space rather than an institutionalised spot, to host the co-creation opportunities between bodies through the mediums of voice, movement, reading, drawing and sharing the space together. 

Even though most of the days are already booked, those who need the space to talk or share ideas are invited to pop in during Muza opening hours when I am present on site. (this will be communicated on my social media daily ‘rixac’). Everyone is welcome – not only artists. Collaborators on the project include those from all walks of life: dance, acitivism, architecture, singer, painters and where their interest in their art practice will be shared and swapped. 

During the third week the space will be set up for an exhibition with Etienne Farrell displaying several of our performance image making collaborations in regards to body, identity and sterotypes (details will be communicated closer to date). The residency will end on the 13th May hosting a collective performance ‘The Walk Of Shame’. The research into this performance will be put together based on simple movements from everyday life, repetition and costumes that will be performed through individual bodies of which the choreography will show them as a group supporting each other – no matter how shameful the story is. 

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